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Welcome to Teen Rider... a place where teens of all ages and locations 
can come together to talk about their passion of horses. 
Not a member yet? What are you waiting for! Established in 2005!!! 


 Pinewoood Stables


  Welcome! This game is new and exciting, and it needs new members! Own your own horse! Win competitions! Play exciting adventures. All for free!

So just take a step into our friendls stables and own the horse of your dreams. 

You push open the swirly metall gate and follow the winding driveway. A long row of stables stretches out infront of you, the horses in them nickerign softly. The air is fresh and good in your lungs, the sun warming the goosebumps on your skin. You see a sandy path at the edge of the row of stables, leading further back. You follow thr path and see somethign so utterly beautifully astounding you hold your breath. A vast landscape of soft, brigh green, rolling hills and meadows stretch into thr distance, the sandy path leading betweem them. You can just imagine galloping on the meadows, feeling the sharp wind in your face, the pounding of your horses hooves as both of you fly into the sunset. Welcome to Pinewoood Stables! What will your adventure be?


Horse Phenomena

 Horse Phenomena is an automated horse and dog simulation game. The game is simple and centers around training your animals in shows and with tickets to get them to the highest points possible before retirement (and maybe on one of the rankings lists!). We have an active mid-sized community with mature and nice players as well as a helpful mod team and an active staff. New updates will be coming this year as well.There are tons of breeds to choose from.


Tainted Paradise V.2


 200 years have passed since the Gods trapped the cursed horses within their lands, and they have passed in peace. Now the Gods are considering releasing them from their curse, thus ending their punishment, but first it has been decided that a few of the gods and goddesses will wander the mortal realms to gather information about the situation. The gods and goddess chosen were Hades, God of Death, Bristile, God of Noxadon, The Truthseeker, the God of Fire, The Goddess of War, The Goddess of Beauty and the Goddess of Things Shaped like Potatoes. A few of the gods were unhappy about that decision, and plans of rebellion are brewing. Whispers that perhaps the Cursed will be released are being heard throughout the Divine and Mortal Realms. All the realms are unsure of what is to come, but one thing is for certain: nothing is ever going to be the same.




MyWebHorse is a fantastic online browser game based on the very realistic trial and error of owning your own stable. Choose the breeds, the showing styles, the right tack and the place to board. Hope you have what it takes to make it! Besides what all of those other horse sites have, we feature monthly, site-wide World Cup Shows, the ability to influence your broodmare's offspring with special items, and the stunning realism that demands the care of your horses. This game is not for amateur horse handlers; it takes all you have!


A Sunset Ride


  A Sunset Ride is a horse role playing website about going to an equestrian school and making new friends (or enemies), improving your riding skills, and building your relationship with your horse. There is lots to do here!


- Own and ride horses

- Breed horses

- Make different characters and horses

- Don't have a horse? That's alright, use a lesson horse at your riding school.

- Go around town and buy clothes, pets, tack, and food.

- Go to a different concert everynight at The Rave.

- Go on trail ries with your horse, and friends.

- Make new friends or enemies.

- Become a trailer, lesson teacher, stable hand, or get a job in town.

- Show your horses at different shows at your riding schools.

- Buy your own academy or personal farm at the Store.

There is sooo much to do here! Who knows what could happen? Maybe you will meet the love of the life. Or maybe you will become the best trainer at your riding school? What will happen when you join?


Hidden Isolation


  A wild horse game that is a 100% forum RPG. Experience is high here. If you LOVE horses and drama you a very well welcomed here. You play a wild horse fighting all odds.


 Even Stride


Even Stride is a friendly horse barn! We are new but great! Why should you join?

1.great layout

2. many things to do, in role play and out of role play

3. many things to do with your horse: riding, showing, grooming, lessons and more!

4. buy things from the shop with in game money! make your story unravel

5. even much more!

join today!




 From the deserts of Pozaria to the glaciers of Ledovaca, the Kyslik mountains to Destia’s seas, Prevekia was made to be a haven. Every corner of her land calls to a certain few, the equines who feel her power and share her strength. They are the elementals. Scooped from Earth so long ago, they are protected here for Man. They dwell in their isolated lands, meeting in the wanderers’ regions seldom. They develop their elemental magic in private, toying with the world all alone.

However, the relative peace of Prevekia is about to be shattered. As the Rebels grow stronger, they plan to over throw the Traditionals and bring radical changes to their world. Ice, Lightning, Light, and Shadow are banding together to usurp current leaders. They want equality. Since the dawn of the elements, Terrestrials, the plainest of equines, have been treated as low-ranking outcasts by the Celestials, the horses of legend. The new elements are tired of being ruled by the traditional elements. They want liberty.

However wonderful the Rebels' fight may seem, the Traditionals also have a side. They have ruled Prevekia and its elements for generations. Never once in their rule has chaos entirely taken over. Order and honor remained through internal battles. Although shaky, the bonds between the Traditionals are stronger than between the Rebels. While the Rebels are fighting over who leads, the Traditionals more or less know their places. In this battle, there is no good or evil. Prevekia knows only those who seek a better place. You can be the deciding force. Join us and you may save Prevekia.

Embark on your journey, enter Prevekia

**Prevekia is a brand new roleplay, with many very important roles open.  It includes fantasy species and breeds, and allows talking.  Prevekia is for all ages over 13.


Lansing Riding Academy


 Welcome to Lansing Riding Academy. This is the greatest riding school in Michigan. People from all over the world come here to train and become a great rider. This is a top-notch school with a boarding school for grades 9-12. Drama is everywhere, like most highschools. Students to anything to get to the top. Will you climb to the top and become one of the greatest riders? Or will you let the pressure break you and you loose everything you worked for? Join today to find out!

Why Join?

- Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced RP

- Own your own horse.

- Sell, breed, lease, train, and show horses.

- Go to the boarding school at the academy and make new friends, lovers, and enemies.

- No money system.

- Accepts all kinds of characters! (Gay, lesbian, transgender, ect).


Above The Bit

EXPERIENCED SIMMERS: We're looking for you! ATB is in dire need of staff members to help getting the game set up and running smoothly! So if you're a seasoned simmer, check us out and join our staff!



  Recently established, Above The Bit is a new horse sim game designed for mature simmers looking for a realistic, friendly, active game. ATB combines the traditional, forum based sim game with new automated aspects! We open our doors to all simmers with each and every idea in mind. From owning the most elegant dressage facility to breeding colorful western herds, ATB welcomes all players. ATB offers many ways to play and succeed in the sim world. We're looking forward to having you!


The Cursed

 200 years have passed since the Gods trapped the cursed horses within their lands, and they have passed in peace. Now the Gods are considering releasing them from their curse, thus ending their punishment, but first it has been decided that a few of the gods and goddesses will wander the mortal realms to gather information about the situation. The gods and goddess chosen were Hades, God of Death, Bristile, God of Noxadon, The Truthseeker, the God of Fire, The Goddess of War, The Goddess of Beauty and the Goddess of Things Shaped like Potatoes. A few of the gods were unhappy about that decision, and plans of rebellion are brewing. Whispers that perhaps the Cursed will be released are being heard throughout the Divine and Mortal Realms. All the realms are unsure of what is to come, but one thing is for certain: nothing is ever going to be the same.


Le Cheval Sim

 Versatile equine community designed for mature simmers. Our community offers something for horse enthusiasts of all disciplines and backgrounds.




Flying Change Riding Academy



Flying Change Riding Academy is an elite stable located in the rolling hills of Kentucky. With lease, sale, and lesson horses, 3 western arenas, 3 english arenas, a practice race track, shows, cross country trail, trails, and more! Created your character, horses, and other animals, but most importantly- HAVE FUN!


 A Path to be Chosen


 A Path to be Chosen is an Avatar: The Last Air bender horse base role play game. Your character can be a water, earth, fire or air bender. There is an open plot right now, more may develop when more characters are present in this game, and when more canons are pickedBecome a master of your own element. Own a herd. Rule a Kingdom.Save your world.


Lunar Falls


 Humans have killed all you kind. Humans all died out an week ago, but you still have threats. Can you save the world and restore balance the humans caused or will your kind be doomed forever?


To Be A Champion


  Ever dreamed of breeding, training, and winning 3-Day eventing with a horse of you own creation?  Then TO BE A CHAMPION is for you!  We have a realistic 3-Day eventing sim, specializing in Thoroughbreds, Irish sporthorses, and Warmbloods.  We are different from other sims in that we have a set of genetics and statistics for each individual horse.  This is a sim game for people of every age.


Under a Dixie Sun


  Summer has just begun. It's time to travel and explore. As you walk along side an old gravel road, climbing up a gentle hill, through the Georgia pines you hear the sounds of distant neighs echoing in the distance. As you travel onwards, you began to see a goregous gable type of barn, peaking through the trees.

When you approach the property, you see a few more barns. Out front of them you see two pastures, where beautiful horses graze Under a Dixie Sun. Their coats, so glossy and full of health. You open the black wrought iron gate at the end of the drive and slowly approach the stable. You come to the courtyard, where a large water foundation makes quiet lapping sounds. It feels like paradise, the quietness and stillness of the beautiful property sends goosebumps through your fingures as you imagine riding here.

You enter the main stable through a small door at the side. You are overwhelmed by the smell of cedar chips, grain and hay. You walk out into the aisle of the stable, to see the well lit stalls around you. There is a cozy feeling you get as you look at the horses at home in there stalls. You know you have found your place.

But then as you look around more, you realize that there is a mysterious, charming feeling. As you glance down, you see some words etched into the concrete flooring. You kneel down and brush some dust away. You can barely make out the name Lucinda Balston. 

**UADS is a brand new, totally original horse RPG/Sim looking for friendly, active, and resposnible members who want a realistic and interactive game with no member favoritism. UADS wants to strive to have a game that is true to real life, with real breeding genetics, true to life showing and training and more. There are unlimited possiblities, here at UADS. Create your horse first, breed it, train it, show it and do whatever you please. Adopt wild horses and train them. Import "rare" breeds to the game and strive to produce the next First Premium Sport Horse.  Enjoy your game play while also trying to solve a strange mystery surrounding the Stables**


Star Valley Sim Game

Star Valley Sim Game is an e-mail based horse sim game hoping to gain and foster a wide community of horse lovers!  Fast and reliable website updates! Raise, train, breed, show and more! Join today!!


The Wild Lands


   The wind rustles the leaves around you as you stride forward. Your nose filling with scents you've never smelled before. Suddenly, you find yourself upon a cliff, looking out at the strange world, as your deep eyes scan across the lands, you notice that it looks as if it were half and half: the sun shining on one side, leaving the other in complete darkness. You fnd yourself wanting to stay and explore. Taking a step forward, you seem to forget you're still standing on a cliff. Your feet lose traction, and you fall.

Wild lands... wild and free... who will you be?


Down Under Horse Stables


   Down Under Horse Stables (DUHS) is an online simulated horse game that allows its players to own, breed, and show simulation horses. Basic accounts enjoy many privileges, but in case a member gets tired of those features, he or she may upgrade their account and open a whole new level of playing. Features include buying, selling, breeding, and training of horses; clubs concentrate on different english, western, and racing disciplines; rankings for horses and members; and more interactive features for members. DUHS is a game that concentrates on community, not size. Members know eachother personally. DUHS also tries to provide ways outside of the game for its players to interact, such as a Ventrilo server for members to chat on.

    Interested in joining a friendly game with a nice creator that cares about what the players think? Join DUHS!



Horse Life


Description: Horse Life, known to its users as HL, is a literate roleplaying site inwhich we roleplay the lives of domestic and wild horses, aswell as their riders and trainers. It's terribly fun, and a great way to make new horse-lovin' friends.

Sign up or sign in! 

We can't wait to meet you!



Saddling Up


  Saddling Up is a realistic and fun RPG with friendly creative admins. At Saddling Up the people are intresting and different in many ways but one thing unites them all. A shared love for horses. 

  -Own and Ride Horses 

  - Don't have a horse? Ride a lesson horse owned by the riding school that you take lessons at.

   - Buy sell train compete and love your own horse 

   - build relationships with people both in and out of character 

   - Take riding lessons,

  - Ride for fun out on the trails, or in the ring    

   We'll be waiting!!! :)


Flying For Home

  Flying for Home (FFH) is a forum-based simulated Thoroughbred racing game. Basically, you get the opportunity to start up your own Thoroughbred farm and expand into both breeding and racing/training realms. We're a close-knit community with a fun, friendly environment and we welcome anyone - both those new to sims and horse racing, and old pros as well. Flying for Home is unique in design from other racing sims you may find, especially other forum-based sims. We strive for both reality, ease, and functionality. The site has many great realistic features like a unique genetics and breeding system, multiple tracks for racing, individualized stats, personalized trainer's notes, and even live broadcasts of many races.


Magesta Horse RPG


 A place where members can breed their own horses. Over 200 breeds to choose from. It is all realistic, horses can't talk to humans. Wild horses can be captured as well.

There will also be a place for members to play as wild horses. The four breeds of horses and twenty-five pony breeds are feral.


 Sim Game


  Northumberland Sim is a mature (14+) equine & canine simulation game set on the fictional island of Northumberland. We are a close-knit community dedicated to our animals and our friendships. NSG offers many advanced website features including PHP banking, registry, show randomizers and results database, activity incentives and real estate. Our community plays together as a whole and in smaller groups within their chosen province, and all three provinces compete as teams in our annual world games. NSG also offers an optional role playing board where activity earns you points that may be redeemed for credits, cash or other goodies around the site!



Arcadia Sim (Est. 2000) is a free, active horse sim game. Featuring automatic banking, horse database, and pedigree / progeny reports Arcadia is truly the premier SIM today. Arcadia promotes realism, professionalism, and fun! Stop by today and see if Arcadia is the right home for you and your SIM stable!


Down Under Horse Stables



DUHS is a horse sim game that focuses on the player's desires: are you a breeder? a competitor? a casual player? You pick your destiny in this open-ended game!




  Check out Mirare: a portal to a new world of three different countries. Albedo, land of beaches. Nigredo, land of forests. Rubedo, desert land and oasis. Have your own 'family' in Mirare by connecting with the players and their horses.


Wild Horse mountain


Role Playing site.You can be  wolf,or a horse,even a human.Will you join the Volcano herd,the Primrose herd,or start your own herd?It is your choice.Will you be an Arbain that gallops freely in the desert,or a wolf that hunts in the Mountin and in the woods.Will you be galloping on thee beach and swim in the ocean,or climb the cliffs and race the clouds?It is your choice.


Manes & Reins


Manes & Reins is an intermediate-advanced forum-based realistic horse and human role-playing game. This game is predominantly for an adult (18+) audience; however, I do not want to hinder any mature and creative imaginations who might be interested. This RPG is designed with two worlds - Manes & Reins. Manes is the traditional wild-horse rpg with stallions building harems of mares. Reins is an rpg where horses and humans interact in a domesticated setting. Take a look! And, enjoy =) (Game scheduled to open Jan.  2009 so, some aspects are still under construction. Thank you, Splash)


Horse Island 


 Horse Island is a new wild horse RPG needing new members! You are a horse! Will you be the famous, yound stallon or the beautiful, graceful mare? Come and find out! If you are worried we have kind staff ready to fix your problem. Com and visit! We don't bite! Most of the time.


I N S T I N C T Stables


  A Stable/Horse roleplay game fun and fit with newsletters, competing and the joy of summer camp in the ancient-but-modern remodeled grounds of Instinct Academy, where you may visit the beach, cliffs, mountains, and even the treasure-filled cavern.

This roleplay game is newly updated daily, and is graphic friendly to only approiate showings, like riding performances as so permitted!


Horse Freak 2


 Horse Freak 2 was created December 22,2006 and has been needing new members.With only a current three, sometimes four,active members it tends to get boring.Every member is allowed to create their own RPG.HF2 is leaning towards more mature players,please only ages 13 and up.Moderator positions are availible.


Down Under Horse Stables (DUHS)


DUHS is a fun and interactive Horse SIM game. It is appropriate and enjoyable for ALL ages. DUHS allows you to breed, raise, train, sell, and be completely involved with your own horse (s). Upgrades available for further detailed game play such as owning your own boarding facility, creating shows, taking part in an online chatroom (for DUHS members only). This fully automated game makes game play easy and therefore more enjoyable so join today and get started towards building your own extravagent breedings facility!


Hay!Land is an exciting Sim Game (or cyber game, among other names) based on the real world of the equestrian. It includes all the aspects of owning a horse from injuries to high performance, and it will allow you to experience and learn in a fun way. Hay!Land is a great place to meet other horse-lovers, and it includes people who have never had the opportunity to ride before to seasoned members of the showing community. This diversity is what makes H!L such a great and unique experience, no matter if you just want to pass the time or if you want to make horses your career. Our mission is to educate!



 Breed your virtual horse and manage your equestrian center!



 Horse Isle


 Horse Isle is a vast multi-player horse based world. It allows for many players to interact while searching for wild horses roaming the lands. Once you have a horse, you can train it, take care of it, and compete with other players. Although the world graphics are simple 2D, they have been beautifully designed to create an interesting and vast world to explore. This land is completely non-violent. A great place for any aged player to have fun.



  With mystable.co.uk you can breed, train, care for and show your horse. Choose from over 300 different breeds and watch your horse grow from a foal too either a strapping stallion or beautiful mare. Mystable.co.uk is entirely free too play. 


Land of Equines

 Welcome to the land of Equines, where fantasy horses roam free. Sign-up today and create a brand-new Unicorn, Pegasus or one of many more different breeds by typing in the genetics for your baby equine. Or you have the option of breeding two of your existing equines to create something totally unique. Need help? Ask for it in one of our forums.


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